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Recruitment :- GDPL provides a more holistic approach that would result in an efficient work protocol with added qualitative work than quantitative. Recruitment Services offers permanent recruitment solutions to clients across the country , in our recruitment services has its strong foundation in its highly experienced team which follows a clearly defined three step recruitment process that is supported by highly automated systems and technology. At GDPL, our constant endeavour is to find the right person for you. We strive to find not the perfect candidate, but the perfect fit for you. However, we also understand, that it should not take forever to find that perfect fit . Hence, our team always operates within strict timeline ensuring the availability of suitable resources within the shortest possible time. And yes, our ongoing motto is that we want to spoil you for choices so that you end up recruiting nothing but the best fit for your organization

Staffing :- GDPL assists corporate clients in their Regular or Seasonal staffing requirements by providing contractual or temporary staffing services. Our contract staffing solutions are effectively tailored to match all short-term requirements and non-core activities of our clients. We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and most eligible range of temporary staffing solutions.Our Staffing Team follows professional procedures and guidelines in the process. Our team has deep domain expertise in various verticals and they keep on updating according to the changing trends and technologies. Our strategic partnership with the best technology vendors and system integrators help us to deliver most suitable results to customers. We help our customers find the right candidate for the right job. We understand our customer requirements and the skilled manpower they need. Through our recruiting process, we identify the candidates available according to these requirements. Among them, we refine and deliver the best suitable candidates to the customers. We help our customers to utilize their time more effectively.GDPL continuous communications with the candidates throughout the staffing process result in higher success for on boarding the candidate


We will take the responsibility for placing all the permanent personnel and deputing all the numbers of non-permanent personnel in the office/project – setting up the complete office with respect to the manpower requirements. So you can simply concentrate on running your core business & operations. The process also helps in projecting your organization and create awareness in the job market. We also help you target specific segments of professionals for specialised roles.The best part about this offering is that it offers comprehensive recruitment solutions at economical rates.

Government Staffing

GDPL is one of the strategic government staffing provider and business partner. We even provide our services to their key suppliers. This includes prime and set-aside business contractors. We provide best staffing service solutions to these public sectors. GDPL is dedicated to placing best employees, which can meet the government requirements like confidentiality, security and so on. Even though the requirements are complex, we can respond quickly by placing qualified employees.

Payroll Administration:- GDPL offer payroll services to large and small companies for a fixed amount of price. The better the payroll processing system the better is the happiness of its employees. GDPL payroll processing services also rank employees according to their work so that the company can assess the performance and give promotions and demotions to the candidates.

Payroll management:- is the backbone of any company as it boosts the morale of its employees. The more accurate the management of the company, more it grows. Moreover, good management may be required to be present to the income tax office in case of raid on the company

Database Security:- GDPL payroll processing services have a high level of security in its databases. Other companies can get an access to all of the records of the company if the firewall of the company is weak.

Training & Placement

Training Placement

The training and placement management system creates student and company databases. This module allows students to update parts of bio data and invite companies for placements. Student list can be retrieved from the database of the management software on the basis of the selection criteria of the company.Training and placement management module additionally manages interview schedules, student list announcements, records of various training and placement activities and the like. This module of education ERP solution can assign login rights to the department staff.

Staff Augmentation


GDPLpre-screens all submittals to ensure that the requirements are fully met. Based on the nature of engagement, additional interviews are held to sufficiently vet the candidates.

Upon selection of the candidate, completes the background checks and other verifications as necessary.

Flexible terms are available to convert employees to our client’s staff.

Our long-standing relationships with global organizations have also helped us create a strong best-practices repository.

A global outlook with strong localized presence and specialized skills-development enables us to focus on providing value to our customers businesses through industry-specific offerings, customized solutions and highly-skilled domain experts.

Our experience spans numerous full cycle implementations as well as several on-going support and maintenance engagements. The Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence teams provide cutting that meet all the business needs of our customers.

In addition to the ERP implementations, we also integrate with third party applications to provide an end-to-end solution.