GDPL full-cycle software development services designed to help you grow your business, increase your ROI, and one-up the competition. Whether it’s custom software engineering, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support.

Development Services begin with a thorough understanding and analysis of requirements. We engage with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, development, enhancements, support, and maintenance across the complete application lifecycle and software solutions. Today, software application maintenance is a daunting task for enterprises. The software industry is on the cusp of tectonic changes in how and where data is stored and processed. For over 30 years, the venerable relational database management system (RDBMS), running in corporate data centers, has held the bulk of the world’s data. This is not sustainable. RDBMS technology can no longer keep pace with the velocity, volume, and variety of data being created and consumed. For this new world of Big Data, NoSQL databases are required.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong with software. They range from inconveniences, slowdowns, and failures in the final solution that negatively affect the business in general to the implementation of an incomplete or entirely wrong solution that often means enormous amounts of wasted time and money. The potential problems involve:

in planning


Overlooking or underestimation of important requirements
The overall impracticality of the goals
Wrong technology choice
Inappropriate architecture




Troubled team communication
Poorly organized work
Non-optimal usage of resources
Late delivery

Provide an expert requirements analysis

We help you to clarify, prioritize, and disambiguate the business, architecture and system requirements and resolve conflicting issues in them. We assess their feasibility, provide comprehensive use-case diagrams, business process and data flows models. As a result, you get a clear, logically laid-out requirements specification that will be a reliable guide for the project team and that will answer your specific business needs and goals.

We optimize for usability, speed, SEO, and conversion, partnering with you to design slick and organized website UI that creates a frictionless experience. Your visitors will spend only split seconds thinking about how to navigate, allowing them to focus solely on your message, the value of your calls to action, and the engagement of your brand.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our team utilizes a proven approach in bringing out robust web solutions. We have end-to-end expertise starting from design to deployment. We have experience in using various frameworks, environments, source control systems, development tools and release management solutions Some of the major technologies that we have used to build web solutions .

Our primary goal is to provide professional, cost effective & in-time solution for our client’s web requirements. Our teams are dedicated to the success of each project & we achieve this by deploying proven processes & procedures. .

Having more than two decades of Software Development experience in general and several years of web application development experience, we are well positioned to deliver successful projects. .

Our teams are always leading the way in utilizing cutting GDPL providing innovative solutions.


Digital Marketing is the best way for Business Growth – Digital media is hip and happening. Avial our best in class digital marketing services.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (acronym wise SEO) is a widely popular terminology in digital space. Internet marketers value SEO immensely. This is because they give faster returns on marketing investment, are economic, looks more reliable in searches, gives a sustainable competitive advantage, and can achieve good conversions leading to ultimate revenue. However, just like any other crucial success factor, achieving SEO excellence is not child’s play. The experienced personnel at in our team have years of experience in executing keyword (KW) research – an important precursor to SEO. they utilize optimization techniques to ensure that these KW rank properly in Google (and Bing) searches. This enables the search engines to discover the destination URL easily and also to rank it higher than your competitors. Rank is a crucial success factor and something we focus extensively. Researchers point out that higher ranks result in higher click through rates (CTR). This is something that we excel in.


Search Engine Giant Google estimates that people conduct more than 10 billion searches on Google every month. And it is also estimated that 80% of a website’s traffic originates with a search. These are big and useful statistics. And this makes SEO extremely important. Our organization not only realizes the importance of SEO but also understands the intricate tactics that makes SEO successful personally for your site. We closely audit your site layout and site index and run SEO analyses to find the otimum strategy for you. We also research on what kind of content your visitors and buyers will like to see. We work out a comprehensive strategy and take actions like creating optimized landing pages in addition to making your site responsive and mobile friendly. In our world mobile users are serious shoppers and we help you to explore them. In our blogs and otherwise we help you to maximize the use of info graphics. Our team members are updated with all the latest trends and happenings and help you to stay ahead of the curve in any changes in search algorithms by Google. In SEO KW are a crucial set of starting point on which the SEO strategy rests. We help you drive market intelligence by spying on your competitor’s live keywords. Our SEO practitioners at help you to leverage authoritative social platforms and we are not talking of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn only. Holistically, they can drive engagement. In addition we are talking of Quora, Slideshare and others. We practice deep linking to internal pages showing search engines the depth of your site. We also help you drive power to your archive pages. There are much more that we can do for you to really make you the king of your search.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media represents a platform which has emerged speedily in this generation of ours. To occupy space in this fast emerging medium everyone and each brand needs special skills. We are early straters in social media marketing (SMM). This early start has created a wealth of knowledge and expertise for our marketers in social media. We are constantly learning and evolving as we advise all our clients around the world and keep on gaining vital insight through which we enhance our SMM skills. According to Hubspot, it is claimed by 92% of marketers in 2014 that social media marketing was crucial, with 80% indicating that social media efforts has actually enhanced traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing.

Our company is known for our comprehensive approach to SMM. We cover all of them – Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, and others. This approach helps us to unify our strategies and speak the same language across all platforms. This immediately enhances your brand recognition. We help you to syndicate your content and calibrate your voice making you a recognizable face in the competitive landscape. For example an almost stranger to your brand can become more acquainted by hearing about you across multiple platforms. We help you to create a dialogue with your customers and create more and more touch points to convince and convert. Each and every blog post, image, video, or comment we share on social media is an opportunity to connect to a new customer or strengthen the bond with an existing customer. We approach social media in that manner and create more and more opportunities. Every opportunity and establishment of connection will not create a conversion. But we strive to create a positive influence to ultimately convert. Through social media marketing, we also enhance your brand authority by making more and more people talking about your brand. We deliver engagement and know ways by enticing and incentivizing to share good experiences with your brand. This enhances the positive perception about your brand making it more valuable and trustworthy. Social media marketing is also quite economic and less time consuming. We help you to seek out new customers at a reduced acquisition cost and at an optimized return on marketing investment (ROMI). Even paid advertising, which we excel at, through Facebook is relatively cheap compared to Google. Social media also helps you send the right brand signals to search engines making your brand more search friendly, legitimate, and credible.

Articles, Blogs, and PR Submissions


In social media marketing or in search engine optimization articles and blogs have a strong and useful purpose. Not long ago, in 1997, the word “weblog” was coined. Then eventually the natural contraction to just “blog” and expansion to verbs like “blogging” and “to blog” followed. To say that we are writing blogs and articles and leveraging them for our powerful marketing services for a decade now are to say that we are ahead of the curve. We have literally seen blogs and articles emerge as true workhorses of digital marketing. For starters they are very authentic and they are likely to give one’s true experience.

We understand the obvious that articles, blogs, and PR submissions enhance your SEO rankings and drive more and more user engagement. But we go beyond these simple tactical moves and make these initiatives an integral part of high level marketing. We write pretty engaging content for some of our clients and through our blogs and articles connect with them in a much more efficient manner. Our blogs and articles are good enough to elicit response and encourage further sharing among micro community of followers. We also identify brand demographics and write real, entertaining, and informative content targeting the demography to encourage further sharing. This relevant content grows in popularity enhancing the relevance and authority of your site. This further helps in SEO and becomes a trusted source of information on related products and services.

The blogs and articles created by our experts are direct communication. They are simple, easy, timely, relevant, and hence valuable. As they are valuable they will get their rewards mostly in the form of rankings, click through, and ultimate conversions. In digital space our efforts are to lend your brand a much needed voice. The brand is a personality and we make it to communicate with the most important asset your brand has (or intends to have) – your customers. We help you to showcase new products and services, highlight initiatives outside your website, and show people what you are all about. Through these blogs and articles we drive two way conversations with customers, peers and industry experts. Our blogs drive confidence in brands, build relationships with brands, and ultimately generate sales for brands. Blogging also sharpens business focus, builds bridges for public relations and media connects, and keeps you in touch with market pulse and trends. Besides being a cost effective marketing investment, the blogs and articles we arite effectively tells your story. They help people gain valuable insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. It is these ideas that drive true inspiration.

Content Marketing

The consumer of today is an always connected consumer. He or she is constantly consuming information from a variety of sources. And information, in today’s world, is actually content. But we all understand how to generate contents. The question naturally arises that how do we market these contents? A very common question that we at our organization is faced with is whether content marketing is about pure organic, or social amplifications, or paid? Our answer generally is – all of these and more. Content marketing has evolved from online marketing with which we are somewhat familiar. Over the past few years the media landscape and consumer consumption of the media have changed so rapidly that content its self has changed to keep pace with this media.

At this point of time we realize that just the creation of quality content is not enough. We are competing and literally fighting for the consumers’ attention. Quality content has become kind of a basic health, a must have. So if it’s a fight for attention there has to be a strategy – a Content Marketing Strategy. This is exactly where our organization and its experienced experts add value. We help you evolve a right strategy for marketing your contents. We help and support you to achieve a strategic approach to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to consistently attract and retain targeted and well defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. We help you find the right mix of organic and paid content strategy. We realize that this does not happen overnight. In this process we make some optimum investments, we test the response of your consumers, and in collaboration with you we find the right balance to achieve your marketing goals. We also help you to identify new content marketing opportunities and align it with your overall marketing and business objectives.

At our organization we realize that content marketing is not only tactical in nature. Originating with remarkable and engaging content it has to be promoted and marketed efficiently and effectively. We possess the knowledge and expertise to transform your content marketing as a marketing methodology to attract qualified buyers to your site to help them by offering them helpful information they need to solve their personal and business challenges. Studies show that by 2020 people will manage 85% of their relationship with a company without interacting with a single person of that company. At our organization we are gearing ourselves for a world like that. In parallel we evaluate traffic analytics (blog success, site visits, page visits, keyword progress, engagement, etc.), evaluate ROI (leads generated, customer conversions, sales), and generate reports (review results and evaluate success) to continuously optimize campaigns for you.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

pay per click

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are one of mainstays of Internet Marketing. A good PPC campaign finds appropriate traffic from where people are surfing and browsing to direct them to the site which is running the campaign. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) mostly runs on PPC and drives traffic to the sites. Affiliate marketing also follows mostly a PPC model. These two are the two main routes of PPC traffic. In SEM Google AdWords is much more known than two other common alternatives Bing and Yahoo Search. The effectiveness of a PPC advertisement is to attract proper traffic which can be converted, a very targeted buying traffic.

This is where our organization excels. We do not create random PPC campaigns. Each and every campaign that our marketers make is extremely well researched. We do proper keyword (KW) planning to exactly discover which KWs will perform well for you. Once the campaigns are rolled out we constantly analyze them and optimise the campaigns for the best performance. We analyse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like – clicks, click through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per click (CPC), impressions, quality score, and total spend. The most important thing about our campaigns here is that we are extremely conversion focused and ROMI oriented. We have a clear focus on our ultimate destination – the conversion of our traffic. We not only drive analytics in the campaigns but also give intelligent inputs for other factors like site optimization, user experience, social reputation and sundry factors that impact your conversions. So we drive a campaign which is PPC conversion focused but offer a wholesome effect on your comprehensive digital proposition covering your product proposition (specification, price, delivery reach, credit card EMIs etc) and conversion path optimization right from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to visual graphics of the campaigns. We analyse many other data points to get a comprehensive top level view of your advertisement campaigns.

We help you feel and think like your customer. We take an outside – in view to your campaign and proposition and drive from there. We obviously start with KW research – a deep and extensive research by our experienced campaign designers who have years of experience in formulating campaigns for a wide range of clients. They know the importance of starting small for any campaign and then gradually growing up. They also understand the dangers of making the KWs too broad or too specific. They are kings of optimized campaigns. We spend time with you to properly understand the brand, its products, and its audience to write a powerful advertisement text right up to the final call to action. We possess the knowledge, experience, and execution capability to deliver the maximum return for your PPC spending.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analytics is generally seen as the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on existing data. To most people it looks as a science. But we at our organization understand very well that Website Analytics is a science and an art. The science is the logical part. It analyzes a series of data points and draws a logical and analytical conclusion. That to us is the easier part. It is the art part that encourages and excites us. That is where the experience, knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive exposure of our internet marketers come into play. They are experts of smart judgment. It is this judgment that is precious and makes us stand out in the quality of our execution. We get the big picture right and align our each and every strategy to that picture for obtaining the best performance and results for our clients.

Our main objective when we do Website Analytics is that – can we find something really interesting? When we do that we remain perfectly aware that we are not really looking for earth shattering insights but looking for just some delightful starting points. The starting points for our web analysis comes from asking questions like – what data should be looked at first, what are my customers telling me, or where am I wasting my money.

Our web analytics does not start with any tool like Google Analytics but with the site itself that we are analyzing. We closely examine the site itself, its product pages, the add to cart pages, the sign up pages, read the customer reviews and the visitor comments, and run searches. We get the entire vibe of the site and go deep. We believe that true web analytics starts at your website. We also examine your acquisition strategy and get a balanced portfolio of acquisition channels or sources of traffic. Which one is strong, which one is weak, which one is missing – we ask these kinds of questions. We see the visitor loyalty, stickiness, and recency. We realize that you are spending money to acquire traffic. So we need to understand what is attracting them most. So we see the top pages that are being visited. Similarly we analyze the output metric and find out the content that makes us the most money. We also analyze your creative mandated with acquiring traffic and get a peek into your goals and goal values. We deeply study the campaigns, campaign conversions and look for all opportunities to optimize the marketing budget. One of our favourites here at our organization is campaign wise goals and conversions. It gives us a proper view of how the campaigns are performing. One of the important things that we try to find in all these analytics is the unknown unknowns – the true insight of active intelligence. We try to see if we are missing anything. Such constant optimization and alert adjustments make your campaigns perform continuously.

Email Marketing Campaigns


Email marketing is a very common form of digital marketing. It is arguably the most ancient form of internet marketing. This has prompted some people to assume that email marketing is dead. This became more believable with the quantum growth of social media and social media marketing. But we believe that Email Marketing is far from dead. Almost everyone who is in our digital radar has an email. Think of the potential it possesses. It is the approach, the user experience and back end analytics which have changed. There are new tactical ways to improve our strategy and the way we market through emails. But the potential of this potent channel remain unchanged.

One primary thing that we at our organization remember while conducting Email Marketing is – basic manners. We always remember, without fail, that no email marketing was ever built without getting permission. There are many ways to do this. The most basic thing that people need to be assured is that it is for their good by offering savings and deals and that their email id will not be spammed. Since it is permission based, we ensure the highest standards of digital ethics and try our best to time it right. Through our immense experience we know the best way to pitch it right and properly manage expectations and deliverables. We realize quite well that blind offers may deny us continued permission. We believe in strong and timely follow up efforts.

Since our effort is to help build a list which is permission based we work with you to make a list building tactics. This depends on your speed, expectations and budget. By our experience we have found a four pronged strategy to be the most effective – advertising, affiliates, speaking, and guest blogging. The good and bad part of advertising is that we have to strike a balance between being expensive and incredibly good and consistent results. We have full expertise in mixing all the four strategies properly and come up with a strategy to build your email list and also keep them hooked. This is part of our relationship building with subscribers. We fully realize that if we forget to build these relationships then our offers might look pushy and our content too distant.

Our email marketers at our organization are fully capable of guiding you properly and do proper hand holding with accountability. We help you to take crucial decisions like – using newsletters, testing subject lines, segment, and personalize your emails, use of imagery and graphics, powering your call to action, and provide means for social sharing. Another thing we continuously do is analytics. There are three basic parameters we closely monitor for every campaign and improve. They are – open rate, click through rate (CTR) and unsubscribes. Through the monitoring of these parameters and more we continually improve the performance of your campaigns.